Media Browser and the 'Recorded TV' folder

Media Browser and the 'Recorded TV' folder

Postby fosmani » Thu Mar 11, 2010 4:53 am

Hi all,

I have what could be a basic question regarding Media Browser. I understand how to organize the folder structure of non-tuner generated video files into the 'tv' and 'movies' folders with seasons and specials as sub-folders when needed, and files being named according to S--E-- conventions and have this working pretty well.

However, how is this app supposed to work with the 'Recorded TV' folder in windows 7 (which in my case writes out ALL files as .wtv to a single flat folder in C:\Users\Public\Recorded TV)?

Is there some way to configure media center to get the recordings to arrange themselves by show in subfolders? Or some way to get Media Browser to deal with the flat structure and use the same metadata that windows media center uses to sort out which show/movie/season the file belongs to?

I'm sure I'm missing something basic as this is probably a very common use case of the media browser app.

Thanks for any guidance,

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